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Fusionex GIANT Smart Query


Fusionex GIANT

With a worldwide client reach, advanced Business Intelligence (BI) platform GIANT is employed by organizations from a myriad of industries, all seeking to refine their work processes and do more with what they already have – their data.

Fusionex offers GIANT as a one-stop product for everything a business may need to monitor and optimize their day-to-day activities. From manufacturing to sales, delivery and even high-level strategizing, the BI platform provides not only data visualization functions but also data management and analytics.

After setting itself apart from competitors with its all-encompassing solution, Fusionex is once again shaking the Big Data Analytics industry with a ramped up version of GIANT – even simpler, more intuitive and faster than before with its Smart Query function.


GIANT – Smart Query

The pace of everything is quickening, the world being an increasingly connected place, and GIANT’s Version Two with Smart Query function aims to address the need for companies to be more on top of things and have a firmer grasp on their every move.

Entering GIANT’s new interface, the user will be greeted with a homepage not unlike commonly used search engines. A bare, minimalist design draws attention to a singular text bar which invites the user to initiate their query by typing any combination of keywords.

Even a sentence or a question can be processed by GIANT’s human-friendly answering system which will intuitively provide recommendations for results. The recommendations will appear in a ‘search as you type’ concept where GIANT will immediately begin running its search algorithms and return results as you type, even before hitting ‘Enter’.

Upon hitting ‘Enter’ or clicking one of the recommended results, users will be directed to a page listing the full range of graphs, charts and various other visualizations to display their data. A simple click on an alternative visualization would reorder the data and present the newly arranged information in eye-catching and easily understandable diagrams.

Users will also be presented with ‘chart suggestions’, where GIANT will automatically suggest the most suitable visualization to present your data. Users no longer have to understand data models or even what an X- or Y-axis is. They just have to ask GIANT and get recommendations at the speed of thought.

It is by effortlessly reordering, rearranging, and re-visualizing data in different diagrams, charts and graphs that organizations can begin to detect trends and insights they may not have realized before.

Resources could be reallocated to bolster departments in need, prices could be adjusted in real-time to cater to highly-fluctuating demand, and using predictive analytics to estimate what would happen tomorrow or the far future is made easier and more accurate with GIANT.

Boasting a high-degree of variability in data management and visualizations, the new GIANT also takes pride in being compatible and able to analyze data uploaded in various formats, including local files such as Microsoft Excel and XML, relational database files such as Microsoft SQL Server and IBM AS/400, Big Data files such as Hive, Spark Sql and Impala, Cloud-based data such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, third-party applications such as SAP, as well as REST API and OData.


GIANT is everything

Compared to other Big Data Analytics players in the market who either sell software to visualize data or platforms to manage data, Fusionex handles all data needs, without exception.

Typical business analytics solutions require a relatively long process but GIANT can be leveraged with limited Systems Integration (SI) efforts.

From taking into account the requirements of the IT department to control, track, and cleanse data for data quality, to flexibly delivering GIANT on public or hybrid cloud, Fusionex designed GIANT to appeal to business users and be easily deployable for IT users.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also provided together with the platform, which includes tools for creating applications, so that businesses who want to personalize the way their data is processed and visualized within GIANT can do so with ease.

Any developer would be able to build their own external visualizations in accordance with their internal or client demands and deliver standardized outputs with their company brand. In the spirit of being ‘open source’, the platform makes a cogent case of being user-friendly.

Fusionex also provides, for customers that may be missing internal advanced analytics skill sets, consulting services to generate advanced analytics results and business insights. Both data management and data modeling can be conducted by Fusionex and all a client would have to do is decide what to do with the incisive insights presented to them.

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