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Transforming the Glove Manufacturing Industry with Data


Fusionex has been collaborating with MARGMA and MDEC on a Data-Driven Decision Enterprise Adoption program to provide a structured and accelerated approach for decision-makers to optimize their businesses, address pain points and seize new opportunities.

The program combines Fusionex’s expertise with glove manufacturers to embark on a digital transformation journey. This collaboration has so far enabled rubber glove manufacturers to make data-driven decisions. During the Data-Driven Decision Enterprise Adoption program, data professionals from Fusionex together with MDEC representatives identified specific business needs, traded meaningful data analytics voyages and examined potential impactful digital transformation options for the attendees. To determine the current state and how best to achieve their business goals, Fusionex provided each organization with a unique version of its Big Data Readiness Assessment scorecard. This assessment approach appraises the organizations data-driven decision-making preparedness and organizational maturity to commence planning their roadmaps and investments required to achieve the organization goals.

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