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Fusionex Chatbot Solutions For Telecommunication Service Providers

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Boosting customer satisfaction, increasing communication efficiency, and cutting operating costs with Artificial Intelligence and Data Technology
How many times have customers called a helpline and be met with that particular oxymoronic phrase, prompting the thought, “If my call is important, why am I being made to wait?” Customer service is not the easiest field and not only are they being harangued all day by dissatisfied customers, a majority of the conversations are rote and can easily be replicated using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Fielding Customer Queries
In an unceasing effort to service its customers better, a telecommunications company sought the help of Fusionex to create a chatbot. By allowing customers to pose questions to the chatbot, this technology solution leveraged on the public’s rising preference to communicate via messaging apps on their mobile devices.
The chatbot was designed primarily as a service that takes questions from customers and the general public in text form and responds with information and advice. To effectively answer each question, the team formed a data repository of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) along with the corresponding answers for the chatbot to respond with.
Being a virtual assistant, the chatbot does not require rest or downtime. The system is available to interact with customers 24/7, allowing for better customer service no matter what time zone the individual is from. The chatbot was made available for access via a Web Chat function that is supported by most Internet browsers and through the client’s mobile app as well.
This FAQ-based chatbot empowered users to ask anything regarding the company’s products and services. The AI may respond to questions concerning service disruptions, overseas call rates, roaming activation guidelines, topping up mobile data, and more. If questions posed to the chatbot proved to be too complex or could not be deciphered by the system’s Natural Language Processing feature, the chatbot would then refer the case to a human agent for help.
The client was able to reduce the cost of their customer support services by circa 20%, thanks to the deployment of a chatbot which could take on a large volume of questions and respond within seconds. Improved automated FAQ answering meant a reduction in call center call durations by almost 35% due to a large amount of queries being answered by the chatbot.
Fulfilling Customer Needs
A customer-oriented service chatbot, powered by a Knowledge Base Management System, was created for another telecommunications provider that helped the client with answering inquiries about their product offerings and was programmed to conduct service registration and provide recommendations to customers.
To deliver a more personalized service to customers, the chatbot solution was augmented with data analytics that allowed the virtual assistant to mine data regarding usage habits. The chatbot could then recommend subscription upgrades to existing customers and upon acceptance can register customers within the same conversation.
Based on historical usage patterns such as high data usage on weekdays or weekends, daytime or night, or even international calls, the chatbot can give targeted recommendations and promotions. This increases the chance of a promotion being taken up, improve customer satisfaction as clients are impressed that their needs are being attended to, and in the long term bolster brand loyalty.
The chatbot was instrumental in cutting down costs by around 70%, alongside increased customer goodwill as they did not have to wait long to talk to someone. Instead of calling in, having to wait, and having their call rerouted from department to department, they were able to resolve most of their issues within an acceptable timeframe. This also translated to closing more sales.
Using data analytics, the chatbot could also gauge user satisfaction accurately. Data on keywords, tone, and inflection could be mined and compiled as a sentiment analysis so that the user’s satisfaction could be measured without even asking how they felt about the service. This non-intrusive method of gauging satisfaction resulted in more accurate and less biased readings.
Chatbots, Data Analytics – The Way Forward
Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Deep Learning, and with a suite of Data Technology solutions, Fusionex goes beyond contemporary chatbot solutions providers by providing data insights. Customer complaints, frequency, location, demographics, and other data are compiled and analyzed to help clients improve their services not just on a case-by-case basis, but in the long term – be it improving their connectivity in specific geographic locations or producing new packages to suit a new group of phone users.
A business can only go as far as the technology it adopts. While the possibilities of AI and chatbots have not yet been fully mined, such customer service solutions are amply rewarding early adopters of the technology. Fusionex has long been a proponent of synergizing business and technology and is ready to help organizations with a robust AI vision in mind.
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