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Loyalty and data solutions boost retailer’s marketing efforts


The client is a retailer known worldwide for its home and office appliances, including document and label printers, sewing and embroidery machines, and industrial garment printers. The client utilized Fusionex’s e-commerce and Big Data solutions to gain insights into customer behavior and boost sales.
The client is a global retailer which designs, manufactures, and sells original and one-of-a-kind electronic appliances. From sewing machines and printers to fans, cash registers, and other machines, the client’s push to become a world-class manufacturer goes hand-in-hand with its customer-first corporate culture. Apart from delivery high quality appliances, the client also sought methods that would allow it to connect more with its customers, giving them greater convenience and flexibility, while learning what it is that makes them tick.
The Challenges
The client’s existing website operated in a generic e-commerce manner. Their website’s only function was for customers to view product catalogues, read product descriptions, place orders, and make online payments. However, the back end support being offered was limited as they were unable to assist clients look at what customers were clicking on their website or what the performance of each product was.
In an effort to develop a stronger bond with their customers, the client wanted to revamp its website and create a new platform that would allow them to gain deeper insights about their customers, including more specific demographics and browsing history patterns which would help them understand customer behavior and market to their clientele better
They needed a system which could collect all the data gathered from their website to produce a comprehensive overview of their e-commerce front. With a greater understanding of trends and the ability to predict trends that are just beginning or at their tail ends, the client would be able to adjust the contents of its website accordingly.
Additionally, the client wanted to pursue a loyalty program and offer its customers rewards for participating in a referral program. Bereft of a system that could host the loyalty program, especially one which contained all the necessary functions required, the client turned to Fusionex for its loyalty solution, as well as e-commerce and Big Data Analytics features to manage the revamping of its website.
The Solution
A Fusionex Loyalty solution was rolled out to assist the client with the referral program it wanted to implement. This solution was invaluable in providing a streamlined method of awarding points to referrers based on the types of products they managed to sell. This is apart from the usual method of awarding loyalty points merely based on the total price of the product.
What this means was that the client wanted to start a program where it could recruit individuals to promote their products to others, e.g. friends and family. By utilizing word of mouth marketing, they would be able to draw greater returns than company-consumer marketing. To motivate and encourage these referrers, loyalty points were awarded to them based not only on how much they sold but were also adjustable during special occasion.
For example, during a seasonal promotional event, the client offered its referrers double point bonuses, or if the referrers attended special client-hosted events, they would also be awarded additional bonus points. Another unique method of awarding points was based on the exact product unit sold by referrers.
This highly-customizable point-awarding system was put in place by Fusionex Loyalty solutions. Fusionex Data Analytics solutions were also utilized to keep track of the customers purchase behavior. Data on referrers who successfully completed sales were also recorded and consolidated in a repository which allowed for quick access to generate reports so analysis could be done in just a couple of clicks.
The Benefits
By employing the e-commerce solutions Fusionex had to offer, the client was able to not only strengthen its value proposition over the Internet but also better connect with its customers, establishing its brand name as a trusted and caring organization.
Greater knowledge of specific customer behaviors and industry trends via consolidation and analysis
of transaction data on the e-commerce website:
The client enjoyed the ability to pull up information about specific customer purchase patterns, specific product movements, and how well referrers were doing with regards to pushing products. Near real time data consolidation meant more updated information, which further improved the accuracy with which corporate or marketing strategies were crafted and planned.
A loyalty system that could be carried out with a highly-specific way of awarding of points. This specific points awarding method allowed the client to determine high performing individuals in the referral program and reward them accordingly. Rewarding individuals in a fair manner was not the only perk of the platform – points could also be awarded based on multiple reward requirements set by the client.
Ability to run promotions, e-vouchers based on customer purchase history or habits. With the knowledge gained about its customers, the client now possesses the powerful ability to conduct targeted marketing activities. Each customer can be contacted with specific deals based on their historical purchases, thereby increasing take-up rates and reducing the chances of annoying the customers through undesirable promotional messages and notifications.
Employing Fusionex e-commerce and Data Analytics solutions, the client succeed in gaining a much better understanding of its customers’ behaviors. They could also promote stronger attachments to their brand by disbursing loyalty points in a fair and accurate manner, while keeping things exciting with events and seasonal promotions. The entire Fusionex solutions software solutions stack ensured that the customer would remain a strong force to be reckoned with in this digital age

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