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YHS brings a serving of data management and visualization to its business data with Fusionex Insights (GIANT).


Yeo Hiap Seng, also known as Yeo’s or YHS, has built its brand on dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Applying similar high standards in its approach to managing and analyzing its sales data, YHS partnered with Fusionex on a solution using Fusionex GIANT’s data management platform to keep up with today’s technologies and business requirements.

The Challenge

YHS already had an existing business intelligence platform based on Microsoft technology. The existing platform offered ten different types of reports from direct and indirect sales utilising legacy software. To address current challenges and requirements, it was necessary to make improvements in the areas of performance, sharing and security. The existing implementation required manual programming and extraction by IT whenever data analysis was called for, which could take anywhere from weeks to months or even longer depending on business needs. YHS decided that it needed to provide users with optimized performance for larger record sets and a self-service data analytics solution. With operations that spanned across the region, YHS also needed to be able to share data from disparate sources between departments in different regions via a systematic fashion, something that was not possible with the current solution. There was also a need to enhance data security and control in reporting; administrators needed to be able to segregate different business groups in terms of what data they had access to.

The Solution

In selecting Fusionex GIANT as YHS’s preferred advanced analytics platform for the business, YHS took into account the fact that Fusionex GIANT is made up of 2 core modules: Integra and Intelliview. Integra is a data management engine that connects to various data sources, used for merging different data sources, data cleansing and data validation. On the front end, Intelliview is an easy-to-use visual advanced analytics tool with drag and drop functionality, data level control to segregate data access by different business groups, the ability to support multiple dashboards within a project, all done in a more striking and effective way to visually present charts and data.

The Benefits

The solution provided four main benefits.

Faster and better insights with self-service business intelligence:

With Fusionex GIANT, YHS was able to offer self-service business intelligence reporting to its users. The solution included samples of direct and indirect sales dashboards. Under the new in-memory database, YHS users were no longer reliant on using Excel and PowerPivot to view a limited number of rows of records (in the millions). The new database was capable of handling a larger set of data (in the billions of rows) while improving performance.

Time and cost savings:

The IT bottleneck of two or more hours for queries was removed.

Secure and easily manageable data access and data level control:

Intelliview made it easy for administrators to create user accounts and customize access levels, without requiring any scripting or coding.

Greater business flexibility with mobile support:

Fusionex GIANT provided mobile support for viewing charts and insights.


The solution based on Fusionex GIANT brought self-service business intelligence to 40 users and proved successful in solving the challenges faced by YHS. The migration of the company’s direct and indirect sales data to the new platform has paved the way for future growth. It will be possible to expand the platform to support more data sources and users in line with the growing needs of YHS.

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