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The client provides services and tools to assist businesses by sieving through digital noise. Now fortified with Fusionex GIANT’s social media analytics and Big Data capabilities, the client stands to help businesses gain a comprehensive view of what people are saying about them in cyberspace.
The client provides consultation services on digital marketing and online data gathering to its customers. It also helps research topics related to its customers in efforts to help brands determine upcoming trends or public feedback, which will help with driving marketing communication strategies and in order to plan product development. The client once provided intelligence for a marketing campaign by a global sportswear brand, as well as consumer analysis for a beauty brand’s e-community platform. The client has also built up a veritable bulk of white papers and other literature concerning the worldwide social media climate for over a decade.
The Challenge
As one of their business activities include gathering and mining millions of organically-produced comments by public users every month, the client was faced with overwhelming amounts of data to be captured, stored, and processed. The growing amount of data faced by the client was a familiar Big Data scenario, where a company becomes overwhelmed by the amount of data they are dealing with – their legacy extraction and storage systems become overloaded, causing high latency when trying to access gathered data.
In order to satisfactorily produce outlook reports on specific industries or on economies as a whole, the client had archived billions of comments online. Those comments contained descriptions of particular brands or products which might be of use to the businesses they relate to. Apart from the massive amount of data they were dealing with, the client also faced difficulties in deriving meaningful data as not all comments were out-and-out descriptive of particular businesses.
These difficulties posed a challenge for analysis to be conducted if the data in question is semi-structured, or totally unstructured. If it was merely collecting the amount of likes and dislikes in a particular social media platform, those structured data could be processed much easier.
However, semi- or unstructured data involves determining, for example,nuances, tone, or even sarcasm in typed comments. Other user-generated responses to a product could also involve pictures and video –these forms of media require a more sophisticated data extraction system.
The Solution
Enter Fusionex’s Big Data Analytics solution, GIANT. The robust system allowed for data to be processed at high speed. This was to ensure that the amount of user comments streaming in every day and every second worldwide could be easily and swiftly archived for later use by the client. Deft
data storage was also essential as retrieving information down the line needed to be fast as well, and not bogged down when the system searches through petabytes of data.
The information was also displayed in interactive and user-friendly ways. The client did not require knowledge in complex data processing techniques or specialist skills as the hardcore data processing was taken care of beneath the surface – the client just had to operate the polished veneer of Fusionex GIANT, which provides straightforward, click-by-click steps to connect a user with the data they want. Another integral feature of Fusionex GIANT which the client found to be invaluable was the social media analytics component which provides sentiment analysis. This feature enabled the client to identify public opinion which were expounded on various social media platforms. Sentiment analysis helped the client the gauge the public sentiment which was expressed towards a certain product, brand, or company, and whether or not the prevailing attitude leans towards more positive or negative.
With the ability to decide if a particular feedback is good or not, the client could then help its customers form cogent strategies when it comes to corporate communication or customer feedback on the social media platforms. In a wider view, the client’s customers could also determine
certain strengths or weaknesses about their product or brand and improve them based on sentiment analysis.
The Benefits
The implementation of a Big Data Analytics solution and using powerful sentiment analysis features helped the client to understand the wave of information that is being generated by billions of social media users worldwide, every second of every day. With the efficient handling of data, they could then provide more accurate and timely consultation to their customers.
Consolidating billions of user-generated comments regarding billions of brands, products, and companies: The client received the basis of what will be their data analysis strategy going forward. By utilizing Fusionex GIANT, the client can not only use its functions to connect to a wide range of data formats across social media platforms, but also provide its customers with user-friendly methods to analyze the information gathered.
Pinpoint accuracy in determining user sentiments:
By utilizing the sentiment analysis capabilities within Fusionex GIANT, the client could then be able to derive the underlying message being conveyed by social media users – be it straightforward likes, vague comments, or by even vaguer photos. This elevated form of analysis increases the accuracy that the feedback of a particular product or company is judged.
React to trending topics or viral posts instantly:
Coupling together Fusionex GIANT’s portable ability – its availability to be accessed on mobile devices – and the platform’s speed at data processing and transmitting via the Cloud, the client could keep tabs on talk on the ground regarding its customers. Should a scandal erupt or a viral comment be spread around incessantly, the client would be notified of the trends and take measures to put out the fires – sparing their customers the blushes on a global scale.
By putting Fusionex GIANT in place and relying on its sentiment analysis capabilities, the client was able to easily manage their repository of user comments and formed a unified database – a central location from which all information queries could be processed. The speed and power of Fusionex GIANT meant that the client had a hand with preparing for an even larger amount of customers and user comments in the future. Fusionex GIANT has allowed the client to be prepared for growth on a global scale, even as an ever growing number of consumers engage with social media.

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