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Major hypermarket chain tackles critical big data challenge by implementing business intelligence platform using Fusionex GIANT
A major hypermarket chain with a nationwide presence in Malaysia needed the right tools to make sense of an overwhelming amount of data generated from a wide range of complex data sources. The client selected Fusionex to provide them with Fusionex GIANT business intelligence platform, integrating all its business data into a single holistic view.
The Challenge
There were several compelling factors that drove the hypermarket chain to upgrade its data platform. As operator of over 20 hypermarkets and super markets nationwide, the client had to manage a massive amount of both relational and non-relational data generated from the business.
Over 85 percent of the data was unstructured. Much of the critical data was isolated in disparate Excel spreadsheets or other file formats. This made it difficult to extract complete information. Correlation, consolidation and preparation of data was time-consuming and challenging due to the complex and unstructured nature of the business data. Any business decision requiring analysis of the data could not be done in real time; reports being static in nature did not help the situation either. Analysis required a great deal of time spent on manual data crunching and preparation, as well as high hardware costs. The client decided that there was a real need for a more streamlined and realistic system to track and monitor its businesses, in line with the company’s corporate mission and vision.
The Solution
In adopting Fusionex GIANT, the client’s entire database was migrated to Fusionex GIANT. The GIANT platform is made up of two core modules: Integra and Intelliview. Integra serves as a data management engine that connects to various data sources, used for merging different data sources, data cleansing and data validation. Meanwhile, Intelliview serves as the front end of the system, providing easy-to-use visual analytic capabilities with drag-and-drop functionality, data level control, support for multiple dashboards within a project, and effective visual presentation of charts and data.
The solution enabled real-time business tracking and monitoring of data at all of the client’s nationwide stores, as well as seamless transmission of information back to headquarters. The system was able to connect to multiple data sources to extract data and consolidate it to a single unified source.
To support effective business decision-making, GIANT provided all of the necessary data crunching, monitoring and self-service analytics. Automated key reports were created for each business function, including Finance, Stocks, Warehouse and Operations. Managers now receive push notifications each morning from GIANT with sales performance of the outlets. Because of the relative simplicity of Fusionex GIANT, a mere three days were required in order for all teams to be up to speed.
The Benefits
The solution yielded 4 key benefits:
Faster and improved decision-making: By giving the users relevant up to-date information at their fingertips, the solution has led to easier planning, execution and analysis. This enables decision-makers to achieve precise stock replenishment, inventory movement and other critical business decisions for
expanding and improving the organization.
Viewing of information at various levels through fixed reports and on-the-fly self-service reports, in a user-friendly manner: The solution enables real-time analysis with drilling up and drilling down of data
to yield more accurate insights on demand, without the need for programming expertise.
Elimination of time-consuming data preparation and reduced hardware costs: Fusionex GIANT is saving time and money for the client through automation of data preparation that previously wasted precious man-hours. It has also reduced the amount of raw processing done on servers, thus generating an efficiency level improvement of approximately 46%. Groundwork provided for smoother future expansion: Benefiting from the consolidation of various data sources into a single unified source, this paves the way for national and regional expansion plans, with all future stores able to run on the same platform in a uniform manner.
The successful implementation of a data analytics platform using Fusionex GIANT pulled an enormous amount of data from various disparate sources into a single unified source, giving the client easy control over powerful information, at the right place and the right time. The company was able to access the insights it needed at the speed necessary for its business, and in a user-friendly manner.

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